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WatchNET System Calculator

Calculator is mainly used for reference only. Please note the estimate and recommendations result from a limited number of test scenarios.
Treat every installation as unique and that the actual results measured may differ from site to site.
    By Camera Parameter
Special Parameter
Main Console
Display Motion Record Smart Guard Remote Viewer Audio Record Edge Motion IVS
Recording Parameters

  Camera Type       Analog Type
Camera Model
Frame Rate
Video Format

Scenario (Complexity)

Hours per day
Disk Space

Server Recommendation
Storage and Network
 • Minimum Bandwidth
 • HDD Throughputs
 • Total Disk Space
Watchnet Console PC Based
 • Minimum CPU
 • Minimum RAM
Recommanded Watchnet PC-based Components Selections
 • Cards      
 • Systems                     
 • Licenses      
Selected Watchnet PC-based Components
When ordering through distributions, please order the following components.
 • Cards      
 • Systems
 • Licenses      
    Updated on July 12, 2013